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1 Day Tour to Mount Elgon National Park

Activities that can be done on a 1-day safari to Mount Elgon National Park

Mount Elgon national park is one of the best mountain hiking destinations in Uganda situated in Eastern Uganda. Mountain Elgon is bisected by Kenya in the West and Uganda in the East. The mountain is home to the world’s largest volcanic base about 50-80km with the largest intact caldera covering 40km. Unlike the higher Rwenzori mountains, Mount Elgon is at altitude 4,321m (14,177ft) above sea level at the highest peak making it the ultimate Uganda safaris destination for altitude lovers. For a 1-day safari to Mount Elgon National Park, a tourist can do a hike to the top of Sipi falls, explore the caves and visit a plantation. This one day safari is best for those travelers in  Kapchorwa towns.

In the morning the safari can start with a hike to the top of the falls starting from the foothills.  Sipi Falls area is one of the starting points for many hikes up using the Sasa trail. Hiking around the falls offers beautiful scenic views of Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga and slopes of Mount Elgon. Sipi falls is a series of 3 falls at 100, 85 and 75 meters respectively with a total of 7km to see all of them. Hiking is one of the popular activities in Mount Elgon National Park. The hike may last for 4 hours. Sightseeing and cave exploration are done at the bottom of Sipi falls. Below the waterfalls are cool old caves with a lot of beautiful views. This is the best place for taking memorable photographs for your safari in Mount Elgon National Park.

1-day safari to Mount Elgon National Park
Sipi falls hike

After the hike, a visit to the plantations and community can be done in the evening. Along sipi falls is the locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee popular in many of the farms. For a farm experience a walk through the plantations can be organized and a tourist can participate in activities of their interest. After having these beautiful views this one memorable day comes to an end.

Take time to visit this side of Mount Elgon National Park and sight beautiful views of the green rolling slopes of the transboundary mountain.


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Want to visit Mount Elgon National Park - the world's largest intact caldera for hiking tours and mountain climbing?