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Hiking trails in Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon in Eastern Uganda is a popular hiking spot for especially family hikers. The Mountain raises to an altitude of 4,321m(14,177ft) above  sea level. This is the world’s largest volcanic base 50-80km, with the largest intact caldera covering about 40km2 . Mount Elgon is bisected by Kenya in the West and Uganda in the East. Mount Elgon National Park, the park that conserves Mount Elgon covers an area of about 1,279sq km(430sqmi). many hikers would love to hike to the peak of the mountain both during Uganda safaris and Kenya tours with their families because of the lower altitude in comparison with the surrounding mountains. There different trails to undertake on your safari and hee i give you a highlight such that you can prepare for what suits you.

The piswa trail is long but most gentle trail that takes 7 days covering 49km. The trail starts from “Kapkwata” on the northside of the mountain traversing the soft wood plantation to the podocarps forest. This trail gives you an opportunity to sight wildlife and have a spectacular view of the Karamoja plains, the Nandi and Kapeguria hills in Kenya as you go past the hot springs.

The Sipi trail round trip is 56km, takes 4-6days and the longest starting from Kapkwai forest exploration center at 2,050m through the north western mountain side. The trail starts calmly as you hike to the caldera through tutum cave but becomes tougher on day three from Kajeri camp. This long trail is what any enthusiast hiker should take on their Uganda mountaineering safari on Mountain Elgon.

The Sasa trail round trip is the shortest but toughest route taking 4 days. The toughest climb of 1,600 is completed on the first day though the whole trek takes 1,250m.

Combined trail hiking is a perfect option for a memorable Mountain hiking safari in Uganda allowing you to traverse the caldera glimpsing at wildlife, birds and hot springs ascending from through Sipi-piswa-sasa trail and descending from the Sasa-Sipi trail. Trans boundary hiking can be organized for you as you ascend by a Uganda trail and descend in Kenya.

Mount Elgon trails may seem to be at a lower altitude but could pose a challenging time to the hikers, therefore be ready to hike no matter the trail. Possibly on a Mount Elgon safari when having a long trip, continuing to Kidepo Valey National Park offers you chance to see numerous wildlife. To make a round trip, you can continue to Murchison Falls National Park for more safari activities then return to Kampala or Entebbe for a departure flight.

Want to visit Mount Elgon?

Want to visit Mount Elgon National Park - the world's largest intact caldera for hiking tours and mountain climbing?