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Uganda’s Beautiful Sipi Falls on Mount Elgon

Mount Elgon is popular as the friendly hiking destination however there several attractions in Mount Elgon National Park that are worth exploring and one of them is the Sipi Falls -referred to as Uganda’s beautiful falls.   The Sipi water Falls are situated in Eastern Uganda’s Kapchorwa district at the edge of Mount Elgon National Park that is close to the border with Kenya. Amazingly if you opt to go for a hiking trip here, you can take a trip that connects you for a Kenya safari either for hiking or wildlife.

Sipi Falls is formed by the Sipi river that attains its name from the word “sep” a plant indigenous to the banks of the river. Sep is a medicinal plant resembling a wild banana that is used to treat measles and fever.

The Sipi falls is made up of three waterfalls each flowing from different altitudes.

  • The highest and major waterfall cascades from 100m above sea level and is taken as the main attraction of Sipi.
  • The second waterfall flows from about 75m above sea level with upper cascades before the plunge.
  • The third waterfall cascades from about 85km above sea level with a beautiful lush view around it. Hiking to see all of the three waterfalls involves a 7km hike through steep muddy slopes.

Sipi Falls area is one of the starting points for many hikes up to low elevated Mount Elgon using the Sasa trail. The Sasa trail round trip is the shortest but toughest route taking 4 days. The whole trek covers 1,250m however, the toughest climb of 1,600m is completed on the first day. Hiking around the falls offers beautiful scenic views of Karamoja plains, Lake Kyoga and slopes of Mount Elgon. A hike to mount Elgon is one of the popular activities in Mount Elgon National Park.

Along sipi falls is the locally grown Bugisu Arabica coffee popular in many of the farms. For a farm experience a walk through the plantations can be organized and a tourist can participate in activities of their interest.

The Sipi falls form a cool climate for the region. Within this region is a magical experience where as you hike it can rain several times of the days and shines again, its like a cycle of the showers and sun. This cool climate favors the surrounding areas and agriculture in the region.

On a safari to Mount Elgon National Park its wise to visit the Sipi Falls and cool off either after a long drive from Kampala or after a hiking experience. Its also a great idea to visit the falls when driving for a Uganda wildlife safari to either Kidepo Valley National Park or Murchison Falls National Park.

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