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Noah’s Ark Hotel

Noah’s Ark hotels and safaris is located at the slopes of Mt Elgon towards the peak in eastern Uganda it is located 100 meters off the main road overlooking the entire town and the Karamoja and the Teso Plains.

The hotel has 3 branches with the capacity of over 100 clients ranching from USD 10 to 100 depending the clients’ budget.

We provide quite a unique service that other service providers do not offer with a variety of cuisines both local and continental and with organic coffee, foods unlimited coffee on the house, meat roasting. We also offer dinner and breakfast without any additional costs.

We do have a variety of accommodation ranging from cottages, suites camping tents and other services like Abseiling, Rock climbing, Sunset watching, community walks, coffee tours sipi falls hike with spectacular scenery and our traditional dance group.

You may be surprised about the nature of warm welcome by our hospitable staff who will provide you with unlimited info you need.

What is amazing is 30 meter resting hut with a bar overlooking a mini falls of sipi, banana and coffee plantations, meandering sipi river and natural breeze that gives you a quiet and roaring sound and calls from our birds that will make you have an extended day.

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Want to visit Mount Elgon National Park - the world's largest intact caldera for hiking tours and mountain climbing?